Security Update

We are enhancing our security requirements for MetDental. Over the next several weeks you may be asked to update your password.

Zelis Payment Solutions

Please be advised Zelis is the new payment solution for MetLife claim payments. MetLife is committed to helping our providers have a smooth transition to our new enrollment solution with as little disruption as possible. At this time, only PPO providers currently receiving their payments by checks will be included in this phase. Existing EFT payments set up with MetLife will remain unchanged, so no action is required on your part.

DHMO providers will continue to receive paper checks and/or EFT payments as they do today, no action is required for DHMO payments. DHMO providers will have the ability to manage all payments under one experience on the Zelis platform in future phases.

Get the latest news and information on the EFT/ERA Overview page in the resource center.

VPoint Credentialing and Recredentialing Services

Please be advised MetLife has contracted VPoint to provide credentialing and recredentialing services on MetLife's behalf. It is important that you respond to VPoint to ensure your continued relationship with MetLife.

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