Valuable new program feature for qualifying PDP Dentists – MetLife's SpotLite on Oral HealthSM

The dental benefits industry is changing, over 40 states have implemented various value–based plans.
The number of value-based programs in the dental benefits industry are projected to double in the next five years.

MetLife's commitment to improved oral health goes beyond benefits administration. Our approach is simple – leveraging our vast data set, we recognize and reward providers who have shown an increased focus on preventive care.

The MetLife SpotLite program recognizes participating general and pediatric dentists with priority placement in our Find a Dentist application. SpotLite designation is determined through equitable, fair, and proprietary claims data analysis – leveraging industry gold standards such as CAMBRA and DQA measures.

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VPoint Credentialing and Recredentialing Services

Please be advised MetLife has contracted VPoint to provide credentialing and recredentialing services on MetLife's behalf. It is important that you respond to VPoint to ensure your continued relationship with MetLife.

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and MetLife Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)/Managed Care Network^ and benefits like an increased patient base, continuing education at NO CHARGE, and more.

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